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Indian Journal of Advances in Chemical Science

(An International Peer Reviewed Chemistry Journal)


Editor in Chief: Dr. K.S.V.Krishna Rao



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The Global Impact Factor (GIF) 0.453 (2015)


Scientific Journal Impact Factor Value 2.63 (2012)




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KROS Publications, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, India humbly announces the launching of a peer-reviewed journal under the erudite guidance of national and international experts culled from different fields of Chemistry.

We are pleased to initiate this academic endeavour which aims to foster and disseminate ‘Chemical Education and Research’. This venture, first of its kind   strives to enrich the knowledge of students, researchers and professionals in the various domains of Chemical Science by providing valuable resources in the form of e-books and qualitative research articles. It provides a platform for the students, budding chemists and allied scientific professionals to better their exposure and career prospects. The journal primarily focuses on the needs of students and researchers besides developing industry-academia rapport.

Our dedicated team which believes in healthy academic standards and progressive research is our forte.

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4 Volume,  2 Issue-2016

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